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Ohio High School Golf to allow Non-Interscholastic Competition

The OHSAA has come out with new language regarding the 2018 Fall High School season which will allow players to compete in up to 3 outside events before the September 16th deadline. This is new to Ohio High School golf as outside competition has been completely banned in the past. This new rule requires players to submit a waiver form to the Executive Director's office and be approved for the outside play, but allows players to compete in outside tournaments while being on their high school team. For the official language of the release, please see below:

Permission for Non-Interscholastic Participation During the Season

  • When a golfer becomes a member of the school team (by playing in a scrimmage or match), they are permitted up to three waivers to compete in non-interscholastic events (scrambles, tournaments, outings, etc.) during the golf season.

  • Each waiver must be requested to the Executive Director’s Office prior to the event by a school administrator, and each waiver is good for one event. You must receive approval prior to participating in the event.

  • To be considered one event, all play in the event must be held on consecutive days.

  • No waivers will be approved for events taking place after September 16. A copy of the waiver is located at the end of the golf manual as well as available for download from the OHSAA golf webpage. It is the last item listed on the left-hand side under “Regulations, Policies & Manuals” and is titled Non-Interscholastic Waiver Request Form.

  • Golfers who choose not to join their golf team can participate in non-interscholastic events through September 3. They must join their team by September 4 to be eligible for the OHSAA Tournament. When they choose to join their team, they still have the opportunity to receive up to three waivers.

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