Frequently Asked Questions

Waiting List / What is my position on the waiting list?


Please read this waiting list summary from beginning to end unless you are already familiar with it

If we send this to you in an email, please know we are not trying to be rude, it is simply our best answer 


Players are brought in from waiting lists based on Junior Golf Scoreboard rankings, NOT the order they signed up for the waiting list. This allows our events to maintain a strong strength of field and helps our events gain more AJGA PBE status and help our players rankings. (See Junior Golf Scoreboard Rankings)

Unfortunately, the nature of a waiting list requires a player to withdraw for a spot to become available.

Because we do not know when or even if a player will withdraw, we cannot tell you what your chances of getting in are if you email, text, or call us and ask.


We are now in our 10th year of operation, and it is impossible for us to predict a player’s chances of getting into an event. We have run events where the 1st player on the waiting list does not get in because no one withdraws. We have also had events where the 30th player on a waiting list gets in because players withdraw and the players ahead of them on the waiting list are unable to make the event.

Also, because we bring in players based on Junior Golf Scoreboard rankings, highly ranked players can register late, but still get in off the waiting list should a spot come open.

We understand this makes planning very difficult. 

However, our staff does not want to get into a situation where we predict your chances of getting in and it does not happen, or we are able to get you if we had said otherwise.

Things to remember:

  1. You are never billed for registering for a waiting list and there is no risk for signing up.

  2. If at some point you cannot make the event, simply email us, and we will take you off the waiting list.

  3. When a spot becomes available in your age division, and you are the highest ranked player on the waiting list, you will be added to the field.

  4. If you cannot participate for ANY reason, we will issue a full credit back to your account for the registration

  5. We will not and cannot predict a player’s chances of getting into an event from the waiting list

• Are range finders allowed during competitive rounds?

Distance measuring devices are allowed at all Golfweek Junior Tour events under Rule 14-3, however devices that measure slope, wind, temperature, humidity etc. are not permitted. All distance measuring devices should be approved for “Tournament Play.”

• Are range balls provided before tournament rounds?

Range balls will be provided before each tournament round, course permitting. In most cases, balls will be located on the driving range, but at some courses, range tokens or tickets might be provided at registration.

• Do I need to register every day before my round of a GJT event?

There will usually be a registration area set up (locations will vary depending on weather and the course clubhouse) for players to check in before their first round. Here, they will receive instructions for the weekend as well as any tee gifts there might be for that event. Players should report to their starting hole approximately 10 minutes before their starting time. There is no registration after the first day, but players will be expected to be at their starting tee 10 minutes before their tee time. GJT staff will be around the registration/scoring area to answer any questions before play if necessary.

• Are practice rounds included in my entry fee?

Practice rounds are not included in entry fees. Please contact the golf course to schedule a tee time and to find out the rate of the round. All practice round rates and times are at the discretion of the course.

• Are spectator carts allowed?

Spectators carts are allowed at all GJT events, but it is still at the discretion of the host course whether or not they are allowed, how much they will cost, and how many carts will be available to rent. Although the GJT allows carts, this does not guarantee that carts will be available for all spectators to rent.

• Are pull carts allowed?

Yes, pull carts are allowed to be used during tournament play, as long as they are allowed by the host facility

Motorized pull carts or carts are not allowed in any GolfWeek Jr Tour event

• What forms of payment does the Golfweek Junior Tour accept?

All registrations are done online and we accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

• What happens if the weather forces cancellation?

-The Golfweek Junior Tour makes every attempt to hold an event, even in inclement weather. However, safety is our biggest priority. In the event of weather, please plan on arriving at the course for your scheduled tee time and we will update you upon arrival.

-If 9 holes are played in any event, the tournament is considered completed and no refunds will be issued.

-The tournament will only be cancelled if the host course and GJT deems the players’ safety to be in jeopardy or potential damage to the course may occur.

• How will the Player of the Year be determined?

The Player of the Year will be awarded to the highest point recipient in each age division at the conclusion of the season. Point totals will be determined using the best 8 tournaments a player finishes in. 

• Is there a stroke limit in GJT events?

No, there is no stroke limit in any Golfweek Junior Tour event.

• How do I know what tee-box to play from during my practice round?

Here are our yardage guidelines for each age division:

Boys 13 & Under : 5700-6000 Yards

Girls 14 & Under : 5200-5800 Yards

Girls 15-19: 5500-5800 Yards

Boys 14-15/16-19: 6600-7000 Yards

• What are the criteria for tournaments to be nationally ranked on Junior Golf Scoreboard?

In order for scores from our events to be included on Junior Golf Scoreboard for national rankings, a given age group must have at least five participants who finish the tournament. Although the GJT has 5 age groups (Boys 13 & Under, Boys 14-15, Boys 16-19, Girls 14 & Under, Girls 15-19) scores are turned into the National Junior Golf Scoreboard in 4 age groups (Boys 13 & Under, Boys 14-19, Girls 14 and Under, Girls 15-19). The reason for this is that the Boys 13 & Under play their own set of tees, the Boys 14-19 play their own set of tees, the Girls 14 and Under play their own set of tees, and the Girls 15-19 play their own set of tees. This gives those groups the best strength of field possible (which accounts for 25% of a player's ranking). 

• What are the criteria for tournaments to be Golfweek ranked?

Just like the National Junior Golf Scoreboard ranking, all 14-19 Boys and 15-19 Girls are turned into the Golfweek Ranking system to be ranked (Boys 13 & Under and Girls 14 & Under are not eligible to be ranked). If there are at least 40 boys in the 14-19 Boys and/or 12 Girls in the 15-19 Girls, then the tournament is eligible to be ranked for that age group.

• What if I have a question that is not answered here?

Please read through all pages of our website. Most every question is addressed within the content of those pages. You may also contact our knowledgeable staff, either through the Staff page or email at