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  • GolfWeek Junior Tour Season
    The GolfWeek Junior Tour operates on a school year calendar from June 1 to May 31 the following year. The Tour Championship completes each season on Memorial Day weekend, the last weekend in May. Here is a link to our current season: 2023-2024 Schedule & Results Here is a link to past schedules and results : Past Schedules and Results
  • Tournament Format
    GolfWeek Junior Tour events are typically 2 day, 36 hole stroke play tournaments. We do host some 1 day, 36 hole tournaments in the Summer that allow caddies The Tour Championship is a 3 day, 54 hole, no cut tournament
  • Registration for Tournaments
    Registration for regular season, open events, are filled first come, first served Field sizes will vary based on the amount of tee times a golf course has made available to us Elite events and the Tour Championship use a selection criteria, 5-6 weeks prior to the tournament, to select players from all who have applied. The selection criteria is explained here: Elite Events
  • Age Divisions
    Age groups are established based on the player’s age on June 1st, the beginning, of that season. ​ Boys 16-19 - Distance Range: 6500-7000 yds Players are eligible for this division: - Up until the end of October after their high school graduation and - Must not have started collegiate practices, tournaments, or reported to a collegiate team - Still be 19 years old on the June 1st cutoff date - This pertains to GAP year seniors as well Boys 14-15 - Distance Range: 6500-7000 yds Boys 13 & Under - Distance Range: 5500-6000 yds Girls 15-19 - Distance Range: 5500-5800 yds Players are eligible for this division: - Up until the end of October after their high school graduation and - Must not have started collegiate practices, tournaments, or reported to a collegiate team - Still be 19 years old on the June 1st cutoff date - This pertains to GAP year seniors as well Girls 14 & Under - Distance Range: 5200-5800 yds ​ *(Explanation: For the 2023-2024 Season the players age on June 1, 2023 will determine the players age group. Whatever that player’s age may be on June 1, 2023 will determine the age group for the entire season ending with the Tour Championship, Memorial Day weekend 2024)
  • Membership / Non-Membership on the GolfWeek Junior Tour
    Players may compete on the Golfweek Junior Tour as members or non-members and it will not affect their eligibility for Junior Golf Scoreboard, Golfweek rankings, AJGA stars, or exemptions into national events. Membership Cost - $160 for 365 days from the date of joining Benefits - Print / and digital subscription to GolfWeek magazine for 1 year - Membership pricing into events for 1 year from the date of joining (membership runs 365 days from the date of sign up) - Discounts for products from our affiliates and sponsors - Information packet on our tour, junior golf, and the rankings systems and a personalized bag tag - Members receive a profile in our system for all of their past results and statistics viewable for anyone - Only GolfWeek Junior Tour members are eligible for: - Player of the Fall - Player of the Year - First Team - As a member, if you are unable to participate in 3 events or more during your 1 year membership, please email us and the next event you participate in will be at the membership price. - Membership registration is non-refundable, unless registering for membership was a mistake. If membership registration was a mistake, you must notify us via email ( ) within 24 hours of the registration ​ Tour membership for brothers and sisters - To encourage brothers and sisters to play and travel together to our events, after one family member joins the Golfweek Junior Tour as a member, all other brothers and sisters of that member that join and pay for membership, will receive $160 tournament credit on their account. - Membership of the tour is $160, so that amount will be received back in credit to use towards a tournament for all brothers and sisters that join as members, essentially making membership free) - To receive this credit, please email us at after registering the sibling(s) for membership, but before you register them for their first tournament. We will notify you when the credit has been placed on their account and it can be used to register for a tournament. **PGA Members** - Please email us after registering your son or daughter for membership Become a member here! ​ Non-Members Cost - $55 per tournament - Any player may compete as a non-member on the GolfWeek Junior Tour and still be eligible for Junior Golf Scoreboard ranking, GolfWeek ranking, AJGA PBE Stars, or exemptions into national events - Registering as a non-member does not count as credit towards membership - We suggest any player planning to compete in 3 or more events in the next 365 days, register for membership as it will save you money and give you the benefits outlined above
  • Withdrawing Before a Tournament Begins
    If you need to withdraw from an event, please contact us via email,, as soon as possible to avoid fees and so we may add another player from the waitlist. All withdrawals MUST be done via email for recordkeeping purposes. Withdrawals will NOT be accepted over the phone or text. In the body of the email, make sure to include the player’s full name, the name of the event(s), and the date of the event(s). If there is no stated request for either a refund or credit, GWJT will default to issuing credit. Once this has been received by the staff, you will receive an email confirming your withdrawal. Withdrawals received 6 days or more before an event will receive a full credit towards any future event with us, or a refund with a $50 fee. Withdrawals received between 3 - 5 days before the event will receive a 50% credit towards any future events, but no refunds. Any withdrawals received inside 2 days of the event will not receive any credit or refund *11:59 pm is used as the cutoff time for a day in regards to this policy*
  • Waiting List / What is my position on the waiting list?
    Please read this waiting list summary from beginning to end unless you are already familiar with it ​ If we send this to you in an email, please know we are not trying to be rude, it is simply our best answer Players are brought in from waiting lists based on Junior Golf Scoreboard rankings, NOT the order they signed up for the waiting list. This allows our events to maintain a strong strength of field and helps our events gain more AJGA PBE status and help our player's rankings. (See Junior Golf Scoreboard Rankings - Understanding the Rankings) ​ Unfortunately, the nature of a waiting list requires a player to withdraw for a spot to become available. ​ Because we do not know when or even if a player will withdraw, we cannot tell you what your chances of getting in are if you email, text, or call us and ask. We are now in our 12th year of operation, and it is impossible for us to predict a player’s chances of getting into an event. We have run events where the 1st player on the waiting list does not get in because no one withdraws. We have also had events where the 30th player on a waiting list gets in because players withdraw and the players ahead of them on the waiting list are unable to make the event. ​ Also, because we bring in players based on Junior Golf Scoreboard rankings, highly ranked players can register late, but still get in off the waiting list should a spot come open. ​ We understand this makes planning very difficult. ​ However, our staff does not want to get into a situation where we predict your chances of getting in and it does not happen, or we are able to get you if we had said otherwise. ​ Things to remember: You are never billed for registering for a waiting list and there is no risk for signing up. If at some point you cannot make the event, simply email us, and we will take you off the waiting list. When a spot becomes available in your age division, and you are the highest ranked player on the waiting list, you will be added to the field. If you cannot participate for ANY reason, we will issue a full credit back to your account for the registration We will not and cannot predict a player’s chances of getting into an event from the waiting list
  • Tee Times & Tee Time Requests
    Tee times will typically be posted 2-4 days before an event. They will be posted on the tournament page, and emailed to the main email in your profile, and texted to the main cell phone number in your profile. (This makes it important to make sure our emails are not ending up in your spam folder, and you do no unsubscribe from our emails or texts, otherwise you will miss out on these important messages) Tee time requests for the first round can be made, but MUST be submitted via email ( at least 1 week prior to the event. Tee time requests for travel issues, or if you are coming with another player in the field are allowed, and our staff will do our best to give you the best situation possible. Tee time requests for the second round can NOT be made, all pairings for second rounds are based on first round scores
  • Practice Rounds
    Practice rounds are not included in entry fees and availability is not guaranteed. Please contact the golf course pro shop to schedule a tee time and to find out the rate of the round. All practice round rates and times are at the discretion of the course, and availability may be limited or restricted entirely based on member play or events the course might be hosting.
  • Pace of Play - Ready Golf Requirement
    The GolfWeek Junior Tour has 3 simple requirements in its Ready Golf policy and is expected of all players the entire round: 1) The first player to putt out must immediately go to the next tee (and the 2nd player in a foursome) 2) The first player to arrive at the next tee, should be the first player to hit, the second player to arrive should be the second player to hit, and so on. 3) The first player to arrive at the tee has 40 seconds to play their shot if the fairway (or green on a par 3) is clear and it does not create a distracting or dangerous situation ​ *Waiting for your group to leave the green, or waiting for your group on the next tee is NOT ready golf, and slows down pace of play* *A player arriving at a tee box should prepare for their shot immediately, and record scores after they have hit* ​ Ready Golf enforcement ​ 1) A group will be deemed "out of position" if they have a par 3 open or the next fairway open in front of them after completing a hole 2) Any player or group that does not play Ready Golf (as defined above) when their group is "out of position" will be given a warning 3) Any player that does not play Ready Golf (as defined above) after being warned, or their group is warned, will be given a 1 stroke penalty ​ 4) Ready Golf penalties can be rescinded at the end of the round: - if your group enters the scoring area 10 minutes or less after the group in front of you and/or - if the player's efforts are sufficient to waive the penalty as determined by our staff and committee Pace of play is important on the GolfWeek Junior Tour for several reasons: - We visit top private and public golf courses, and most of our events are on weekends. - Keeping members or players at these courses behind us happy and playing at a reasonable pace helps us get invited back to these top facilities. - Slow play can negatively affect players and their scores if they have to wait between shots. - The AJGA enforces this policy and expects their players to always play ready golf. The GolfWeek Junior Tour is preparing our players for those expectations. - No one wants to play a slow round of golf!
  • Did Not Start, No Show, Withdrawal, No Card, and Disqualification Policies
    Did Not Start – Not submitted for rankings (DNS): If a player does not hit the first shot of the tournament for any reason, the player will be removed from the leaderboard and not submitted for any rankings. No Show – Submitted for Rankings (NS): If a player begins a tournament and completes one or more rounds, signs a scorecard, and does not show up for a subsequent tee time without contacting an official, it will be recorded as a No Show (NS) and all official round scores for the event will be submitted for rankings Withdrawal – Submitted for Rankings (WD): If a player begins a tournament and completes one or more rounds, signs a scorecard, and notifies an official they will not be going on, it will be recorded as a Withdrawal (WD) and all official round scores for the event will be submitted for rankings No Card – Submitted for Rankings (NC): If a player begins a tournament round and fails to turn in a signed scorecard for a completed round, it will be recorded as a No Card (NC). All official round scores for the event will be submitted for the rankings Disqualification – Submitted for Rankings (DQ): If a player tees it up and commits a USGA Rules infraction during the course of play or unintentionally fails to sign a scorecard before leaving the scoring area it will be recorded as a Disqualification (DQ) and all official round scores will be submitted for the rankings *Starting in 2019 - There are no more Justified Withdrawals. The junior golf community and rankings are no longer accepting JWD as a tournament designation.*
  • Range Finders / GPS
    Distance measuring devices are allowed at all Golfweek Junior Tour events under Rule 4.3 A, however devices that measure slope, wind, temperature, humidity etc. are not permitted. All distance measuring devices should be approved for “Tournament Play.”
  • Range Balls - Before Tournament Rounds
    Range balls will be provided before each tournament round, course permitting. In most cases, balls will be located on the driving range, but at some courses, range tokens or tickets might be provided at registration.
  • Check-In at Tournaments
    You do not need to check-in before tournament rounds with our staff when you arrive at the golf course. If you have any questions when you arrive, please see our starter which will be located near the first tee, or putting green, and usually under our GolfWeek tent. All players receive tee gifts and membership items after play at the scoring table.
  • Spectator Carts
    Spectator carts are allowed, however, it is still at the discretion of the host course whether or not they are allowed, how much they will cost, and how many carts will be available to rent. Although the GWJT allows spectator carts, this does not guarantee that spectator carts will be available. Sometimes due to weather, or other events going on a course may restrict to handicap needs or not allow spectator carts at all. We suggest contacting the pro shop with any questions on spectator carts.
  • Pull Carts
    Pull carts are allowed to be used during tournament play, as long as they are allowed by the host facility Motorized pull carts or carts are not allowed in any GolfWeek Jr Tour event
  • Weather - Shortened or cancelled events
    The Golfweek Junior Tour makes every attempt to hold an event, even in inclement weather. However, safety is our biggest priority. In the event of weather, please plan on arriving at the course for your scheduled tee time and we will update you upon arrival. We will do our best to text/email updates on rain/lightning and frost delays If 9 holes are played in any event, the tournament is considered completed and no refunds will be issued. The tournament will only be cancelled if the host course and GJT deems the players’ safety to be in jeopardy or the superintendent closes the golf course
  • GolfWeek Junior Tour Points System
    - Only a player's best 8 tournaments count towards their total. Once a player competes in 9 events, or more, only their best 8 point totals will count towards Player of the Year - For every “win” (or player one finishes ahead of), that player gets 10 points - Bonus points are awarded for: 1st Place : 200 Points 2nd Place: 100 Points 3rd Place: 50 Points Example: A field of 10 players would award the champion 90 points for finishing ahead of 9 players, and a bonus of 200 points for finishing in 1st place. 90 points + 200 Points = 290 Points total for a win in a 10 player field *A field size of at least 3 players starting an event is required to receive points Tour Championship & Elite Events The Tour Championship and all Elite Events will be award 15 points for every "win" (or player one finishes ahead of). These events receive more points because the fields are selected and have stronger strength of fields. Reasoning behind the formula We want to reward players who beat larger fields and also place a premium on top 3 finishes. Setting the limit at 8 events gives more players a chance to compete for Player of the Year, but consistently finishing on the top of the leaderboard across several events will be the only way to win Player of the Year.
  • Player of the Year and First Team
    Player of the Year - The GolfWeek Junior Tour awards a Player of the Year for the player in each age division who earns the most points at the end of the season. All events including the Tour Championship will count towards the Player of the Year race. First Team - The GolfWeek Junior Tour awards the top 5 players in each age division with the "First Team" title. The First Team is awarded based on the top 5 point earners in each age division from the regular season heading into the Tour Championship. These players are awarded at the Tour Championship and Tour Championship points do not count towards the "First Team" title.
  • Stroke Limit at GWJT Tournaments
    There is no stroke limit in any Golfweek Junior Tour event, per requirements from the national ranking systems.
  • Tie Breaks - Playoff and Scorecard Playoffs
    Playoff A tie for 1st place will be dealt with a by a sudden death playoff for all age divisions as well as the overall Boys 14-19 and overall Girls. Playoff holes will be decided by the committee. A playoff will play 4 holes at most, at that point Co-Champions will be declared. Ties for 2nd and 3rd place will be handled according to the scorecard playoff procedure. ​ Scorecard Playoff Procedure A winner will be decided by the lowest score on the last nine holes played, (the last nine holes will be 10-18, for a double tee or shotgun start). If a tie still exists after the last nine holes, then the winner will be decided by the last six holes. If a tie still exists, the winner will be decided by the last three holes. If a tie still exists, the winner will be decided by the last hole. If a tie still exists, the scorecard procedure will be applied to the first nine holes until a winner is decided.
  • Smart Phone App / Live Scoring
    The GolfWeek Junior Tour does have an App! You may scroll to the bottom of this page and use the QR code to take you to your app store to download! Features of the GolfWeek Junior Tour App - Schedule and Results - Register for upcoming events and manage your account - GPS for courses we visit - Use it for Live Scoring when optional for our events
  • What if I have a question that is not answered here?
    Please read through all pages of our website. Most questions are addressed within the content of those pages. You may also contact our knowledgeable staff, either through email at (which is the fastest and preferred contact method) or by phone at 513-739-7879
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