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Pace of Play Policy

The GolfWeek Junior Tour has 3 simple requirements in its Ready Golf policy and is expected of all players at all times:

1)  The first player to putt out must immediately go to the next tee (and the 2nd player in a foursome) 

2)  The first player to arrive at the next tee has 40 seconds to play their shot if the fairway (or green on a par 3) is clear and it does not create a distracting or dangerous situation

3) Players should make all strokes in no more than 40 seconds. This is when he or she is (or should be) able to play without interference or distraction - the player should usually be able to play more quickly than that and is encouraged to do so 

Ready Golf enforcement

1) A group is "out of position" if the fairway (or green on a par 3) ahead of them is clear after completing a hole

2) Any player that does not play Ready Golf (as defined above) when their group is "out of position" will be given a warning 

3) Any player that does not play Ready Golf (as defined above) after a warning, will be given a 1 stroke penalty

4) Ready Golf penalties can be rescinded at the end of the round:

      - if your group enters the scoring area 10 minutes or less after the group in front of you and/or

      - if the player's efforts are sufficient to waive the penalty as determined by our staff and committee 


Actions that ARE NOT Ready Golf and violate our Pace of Play Policy: 

- Waiting for your group to leave the green or getting the flag stick if you are the first or second player to finish the hole

- Waiting for your group on the next tee if the fairway is clear

- Writing scores down on the tee box when it is your turn to play

Please watch our 1 minute video above for a demonstration of what is expected of all players on our tour 


Pace of play is important on the GolfWeek Junior Tour for several reasons:

- We visit top private and public golf courses, and most of our events are on weekends.

- Keeping members or players at these courses behind us happy and playing at a reasonable pace helps us get invited back to these top facilities.

- Slow play can negatively affect players and their scores if they have to wait between shots.

- The AJGA enforces this policy and expects their players to always play ready golf. The GolfWeek Junior Tour is preparing our players for those expectations.

- No one wants to play a slow round of golf!

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