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Waiting List Policy

Players are brought in from waiting lists based on Junior Golf Scoreboard rankings, NOT the order they signed up for the waiting list. 

(Exception: starting 3 days prior to a tournament, if we receive any withdrawals, we will notify the entire waiting list via email, and will fill available positions in the order of response via email) 

The waiting list will change frequently, with players being added or taken off if their plans change.


Unfortunately, the nature of a waiting list requires a player to withdraw for a spot to become available.

Because we do not know when or even if a player will withdrawn,  we cannot tell you what your chances are of getting in are if you email or call us and ask.

Also, because we bring in players based on Junior Golf Scoreboard rankings, highly ranked players can register late, but still get in off the waiting list should a spot come open. This is also why we are unable to tell you your chances of getting in are if you email or call us and ask. 

If you are no longer able to play, please email us and will take you off the waiting list. 

If a spot comes available, and you are next on the list, you will be added to the field automatically. If you are unable to play after being add to the field you must notify us within 24 hours, and we will take you out of the field and credit your account the full registration fee or issue a refund less a $15 processing fee.


There is no cost or risk to signing up for a waiting list.

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