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Spectator Information 

As a spectator at a GolfWeek Junior Tour event, we ask that you abide by several guidelines while at a host facility: 

  • Remain on the cart path at all times or when not possible, in the rough

  • Maintain distance from all participants, especially your participant

  • Do not give advice to players during the round, and limit conversation 

  • Spectators are encouraged to look for lost balls and act as forecaddies.

  • Spectators may carry umbrellas, jackets, food and drink, etc...

  • Rulings will only be made by Rules Officials.

  • Please respect the host facilities’ policies regarding dress code, cell phone use, etc...


Spectator carts are allowed by the GolfWeek Jr Tour, however, are at the discretion of the host facility, and are on a first come, first served basis.  

Carts must stay on the cart path at all times.

Players may not be driven from shot to shot at any time during an event unless permitted by a Rules Official.


Spectators shall remain outside of the scoring area as players are confirming and recording their scores.

Only GolfWeek staff and players will be allowed within the scoring area. Please refrain from conversation with the players.


Want to keep scores or stats for your player at tournaments ?

Download the BlueGolf Scorecard app by following the link below or using the QR code with your phone to direct you to the BlueGolf Scorecard App

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