GolfWeek Elite Events

Starting in 2021, the GolfWeek Jr Tour will have elite events! 


These events are intended to have stronger strength of fields by establishing criteria for acceptance into the field. 

There will be an elite event in the Spring hosted by Nevel Meade and a Fall event hosted by Vanderbilt Legends Club. 

The Elite events have specific criteria for how players will be accepted

All players who are interested in competing are encouraged to register

On a specific date our staff will evaluate all players who have registered based on the following criteria and accept them into the event in the following order:

1) Winners of any past event in the Boys 14-15, Boys 16-19, or Girls 15-19 divisions
*Players with the most wins will be given first priority

2) GolfWeek Jr Tour Point standings for that season 
*Players in the top 30 in the Player of the Year standings in the Boys 14-15, Boys 16-19, and Girls 15-19 divisions will be accepted based on order of standing.

**Boys 16-19 will be given priority over Boys 14-15 players**

3) Junior Golf Scoreboard Rankings
*Any remaining positions in the field will be filled by the highest ranked players on Junior Golf Scoreboard

4) Waiting List *Any players accepted from the waiting list will use our normal waiting list policy which accepts players based on Junior Golf Scoreboard Rankings.

Selection Dates for the fields will be on: 

Spring Elite Event will be April 20, 2021

Fall Elite event will be October 20, 2021  


Tournament Pages Here: