COVID 19 Update

*March 27, 2020*

With the "Shelter in Place" mandate in the state of Ohio through April 6th, we are unable to host our events at Walden Ponds April 4-5 and Elks Run April 4-5. We will continue to work on modifying our schedule to see if these events can be rescheduled for a future date. 

Please stay safe in the mean time and we will continue to update as our schedule changes. 


-Alex Martin, Tour Director 


*March 23, 2020*

We have worked with Cherry Blossom and the AJGA to reschedule our originally planned event at Cherry Blossom on March 21-22 to the new date of June 1-2! 

    This event will maintain the same AJGA PBE status it was originally scheduled for and you can see that on the tournament page here:     Cherry Blossom June 1-2, 2020

    This event was sold out with a waiting list of 40+ players. 

    We are offering everyone that was originally in the field the first option to re-register for this event. If you would like to play in this event and reserve your spot, please email us your name and we would simply use the credit you have on file to register you for this event.   

    After 5 days, we will open up spots to the players on the waiting list, and then 5 days later open it up to all of our players. 


   Thank you for staying patient with us in these times, and please reach out with any questions you may have. 




*March 19, 2020*

In an effort to keep all our players and parents informed in the coming weeks, we will be updating this main website every few days.


Our goal is to gather information in the coming days to better understand what our options will be in the coming weeks.


Going forward, if an event will need to be postponed or cancelled, we will be making that decision on the Monday (5 days) before an event at the latest. Our goal is to operate our tournaments when we do get started again within State and Federal mandates.   



- We recommend all hotel reservations be made with a cancel-able option, and we do not  recommend flying to any of our events in the coming weeks.

- We recommend registering for the first event you would like to play in, then if we need to cancel or postpone the event, you can transfer the full credit towards the next event you were intending on playing in


Here is our current list of cancelled/postponed events for which we are working to secure future dates for some of these:

March 14-15  -  Harmony Landing/Nevel Meade

March 21-22  -  Cherry Blossom GC

March 28-29  -  UK Club - Girls and Boys 13 & Under

March 28-29  -  Cherry Blossom (originally Kearney Hill) Boys 14-19 


**In the mean time, we are working on protocols and precautions we will be taking on site of an event to cut down on contact and avoid group gatherings. We will be releasing some of these new procedures in the coming days.**



-Alex Martin, Tour Director

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