Keene Run has elevated AJGA status

The first event of the spring, at Keene Run Country Club, has elevated AJGA status for the Boys 14-19 division. The tournament which will take place on March 3-4 in Lexington, KY will now offer 8 AJGA stars to the winners of the Boys 14-15/16-19 combined division. The AJGA PBE star breakdown will be the following:

Boys 14-19 Champion: 8 stars

2nd-5th: 4 stars

6th-10th: 1 star

Girls Champion: 4 stars

Top 10% of starting field: 1 star

The Golfweek Junior Tour is also proud to announce the continued Hudson Junior Invitational exemptions. The boys and girls older division champions from the Hueston Woods, Darby Creek, and Windmill Lakes tournaments will get an exemption into the Hudson Junior Invitational.