To improve your game, you must set some goals

If you are Serious about Your Golf Game Improving

Write Down a List of attainable Short Term Goals (1-6 Months)

Write Down a List of Long Term Goals (2-5 Years)

Develop a Strategy to Attain Goals:

o Practice Program

o Lesson and Coaching Program

o Where and when will you play

o Where and when will you practice

o What will you do when you practice

o What will you do when you play

Form Your Support Team with all on the same team to help you succeed:

o Player

o Coach

o Family Support

o Friends Support

o Other specialty assistance

Learn How to Evaluate your Golf Game Effectively--

o Analysis of Weaknesses is a Key to Improvement

Stat Tracking:

o Start with basics (Fairways - Greens – Putts)

o Add in All Stats (I have PGA Tour Stat Chart) – Email Me and I’ll Send it to you

Body Analysis:

o Are you in the best shape you can be

o Could you be stronger, more flexible, fitter, better endurance for those long round

o Did you know that almost all college golf tournaments are 36-Holes day 1 and 18 on day 2

Club Fitting:

o Make sure Clubs Fit you and Optimize your set for Performance

Improve Course Management and Knowledge of the Game and Scoring

Get your eyes checked!

Tournament Play:

o Set a Schedule

o Increase the Level of Competition as you Improve but Don’t Jump Ahead – Build Confidence at Every Level

o Learn How to Win!

o Work to Improve your comfort level in competition

Prepared just for you!

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