Explanation of the GolfWeek Jr. Tour Point System

Carlton Reese

In earning points for the rankings, a "purse" for each event is determined by the number of players competing. For every player in the field, 30 points is added to the purse.

Purse points are then paid out to the top one-third of finishers at each event based upon order of finish. For example, an event with 30 players would distribute purse points to those players who finished in places first through 10th. First-place earns 187 points, second 111, third 94 and so on through 10th which earns 35 points.

In addition to purse points, every player in a tournament is awarded five "victory" points for every player he/she finishes before. The winner of a 30-player event would earn in addition to the 187 "purse" points another 145 "victory" points (5 times 29 players defeated). The player who finishes 29th would receive five victory points.

Every player who finishes an event earns 10 participation points.

Reasoning behind the formula: We want to reward players who beat larger and stronger fields much more so than players who clean up on small fields. Also, there is a chance to earn points no matter where you finish. A player who finishes 16th in a 45-player field will be rewarded for actually beating 28 other players (earning 140 points), as opposed to the player who finishes 4th in an 8-player field (earning 20 points).

Players who win events still earn the bulk of the points, but beating larger fields is much more rewarding than beating small fields. This way, a player who plays in 6 events that were all large fields and wins three of them will be rewarded more than the player who plays in 16 events and wins four in small fields, but is blown away in large fields. The former is quite certainly the better player.

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