UFC 214 Live Stream Jones vs Cormier 2 Online

Jon Jones has blamed Daniel Cormier for attempting to wrongly persuade the world he took steroids.

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The warrior is coming back from a USADA boycott at UFC 214 to go up against Cormier in an offer to recover the light heavyweight title he was stripped of in 2015.

Cormier has over and again demanded Jones tricked and fizzled a medication test because of utilizing prohibited substances, expelling his rival's claim a polluted Viagra pill caused the fizzled test.

Jones has constantly kept up he never duped and trusts Cormier is endeavoring to give himself a role as the 'great person' in their competition.

'That really gets to me a tiny bit, since I think where it counts this motherfu**ker realizes that I wouldn't do steroids,' Jones said on a media telephone call.

'The subject of has turned into an assault on Jon Jones' character.

'I feel like when Daniel loses, he'll have the capacity to state, 'well, I'm a fu**ing decent person.

'I'm a decent person and at any rate individuals will regard me for a being a decent champion when I had that belt in Jon's nonattendance.' And I feel that he merits regard since he is a decent person.


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